The Causes of Accidents in Malaysia

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"I used to have fore limbs, one rainy day, I drove my Jaguar until 160 km/h. I missed my family so much, I wanted to arrive as soon as possible. Suddenly, my Jaguar was out of controlled due to hydroplanning. I crushed the divider violently. That was the last day I drove my Jaguar, because I lost my right hand and both my legs."

Statistics shows that the causes of accidents in Malaysia are driver's behaviour, terrible law enforcement and bad road condition.

Firstly, one of the causes of accidents is driver's behaviour. According to our local newspaper, stated that disobeying of law is common problems that contributes to accidents in Malaysia. For examples, over limit speeding and using telephone during driving. Over limit speeding can risk the driver's life when it gets out of control while using telephone during driving, the driver will not focus completely on their driving. Furthermore, most of the drivers today do not concern about their car condition, the possibility of their car do not function optimumly is high. This act can cause more accidents to happen that put others life in danger.

Secondly, one of the causes of accidents is terrible law enforcement. Malaysia is known as one of the best nations that has a good law of transportation. But there is a hint of irony because the statistics of accidents in Malaysia is increasing drastically every year. This is due to irresponsible authorities. For example, Road Transport Department (JPJ) and police traffics are irresponsible because sometimes they are not strict in implementing the law when they neglect the minor traffic mistakes. To make it worst, some of them take bribe from the road users.

Finally,one of the causes of accidents is bad road condition. We cannot deny that some of roads in Malaysia are in bad condition especially when the road was full of potholes. Besides, the authorities do not take immediate action of repairing the damage of infrastructure such as the traffic lights. As a result the possibility of accident to occur is high when there is a blackout. Road Transport Department also is not aware about lack of warning signs such as reflaction mirror at hairpin bend.

As conclusion, causes of accidents in Malaysia are drivers behaviour, terrible law enforcement and bad road condition. We have to take extra precaution because we cannot predict what will happen to us in the future.

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