Saturday, January 02, 2010

Alhamdulillah, thankfulness to ALLAH, The Creator, The Preserver.

Don't forget to regard our peace to our prophet Muhammad Rasullullah (pbuh).

My friends,

Do you ever heard about
This is the test about our personality and our intelligence.
I'm really sure that this test is really good for us to know our ownselves. This test is good for us to manage ourselves. It is also good to how to deal with our surroundings and people aroud us.

From the test, I've got to know that I'm an ENTP person, mean "The Originator".

ENTPs are logical, innovative, curious and downright inventive. They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts. ENTPs are introspective and carefree nonconformists. They often neglect the more common areas of life while pursuing new solutions. ENTPs can be good conversationalists and exciting company.

1 quote from the web says that, ENTPs make argument as a sport, but sincerely, im not fully
making argumnet as my sport. But i dunno......

From the test, i found my temperament is NT (Intellectual),

NTs are introspective, logical and on a constant quest for knowledge. They are practical and unsentimental in their approach to problem solving. The actions of an NT are precise and follow a systematic course. Abstract, theoretical and technically adept, NTs are naturally inventive. They can also be described as being analytical, intellectual, inquisitive, independent and complex.

Frankly, I think I should doing the test time to time coz sometimes i feel that the test that I have done is not really sweet with me.

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