Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspirasi Anak Muda Malaysia (INSPIRASI) is a youth council which consists of various backgrounds and different organizations’ inspiration aimed to raise awareness, inculcate knowledge as well as to increase the sense of responsibility and youth participation towards the agenda of better improvements and Comprehensive Excellence Future of Malaysia.
INSPIRASI is a youth recommendation or ideas towards the excellence Malaysia's nation building in the future whereas can be enjoy by all Malaysians regardless their races and religion.
Indeed, we firmly declared our full commitment in struggling towards the six ideas which are education transformation, justice of law, economy for citizenry, career prospect, political integration and social stability.
Looking at the country’s current condition, INSPIRASI was called to act as a check and balance entity to a political parties besides being as the third force group which plays role in shaping a better development of Malaysia nation's building. INSPIRASI also outlined an offer for the movement orientation mainly based on the educational concept as well as prioritize relation- engagement with various fellowships.
Hence, in order to ensure the successful of this agenda, I warmly called upon all young Malaysians together we carry this mission by forming a beneficial network and build a strong unity among us which then optimize this synergy to educate the public, particularly the youth regarding the significant of civic consciousness and national responsibility.  Furthermore, we also aimed to highlight and promote Islamic principles and approaches as the essential solution and fundamental guideline in a national development process.
You’re sincere,
Inspirasi Anak Muda Malaysia (INSPIRASI).

SOURCE : engineer Memali

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