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Monday, May 28, 2012

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Leadership in Islam is Amanah that has to be upheld by all Muslims.
 Our beloved prophet once said like:
 “All of you are shepherds (leaders), and all leaders must be responsible to all their flocks (subordinates)”.
This prophet’s quote indicates that the important of leadership in Islam. It discuss the matters on how to establish the role of a leaders, how the responses of subordinates toward leader’s command, how the to harmonize the leader-subordinates relationship and whatsoever.

Leader’s appointing
                In Surah al-Nisa’ verse 59:
“O you who believe!  Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you...”
A question arises why Allah do not said also obey to those charged with authority. It is according to Muslims scholars that those charged with authority is a man who has tendency to do bad thing. That is why was commanded that not to obey the man completely. Hence, to appoint the right person t the right position is possible.
                At the time of demised of the prophet. Abu Bakr, Umar Khattab went to the meeting (syura) of khalifah immediately. They left the body of the prophet to Ali. Later, the syura appoint Abu Bakr as the new Khalifah. This shows that, no matter what ever condition, a leader is a need; Muslims cannot leave without a leader even for a day.

Characteristics of leader
1.       Must be a pious person
o   Close relationship with God (high degree of Taqwa)
o   Good appearance, deeds, and behavior
o   Never did even a single  sin
2.       Knowledgeable
o   Knowledgeable in religious matter
§  Acquired the understanding of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Usuluddin
o   Knowledgeable in worldly matter
§  Know the good governance
§  Economics
§  Social
3.       Good track records

To conclude, Prophet had said, the mafhum is:
 “When three of you on travelling, it is compulsory to appoint one of you as a leader”
It means that, no matter neither crucial or not our situation. A leader who is hanging in their neck an Amanah must complete their leadership task as favours by Allah. A leadership also is a need for the sake of mankind’s survival from sins for every now and then. 

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